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Para-Cycle, Inc.
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Phone: 816-230-8585

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Multi-purpose commuter vehicle (no-license-required ultralight/electric or gas-power moped/pedaled bike) Single-purpose
TIG welded 4130 Aircraft Steel airframe; smaller, easier to manage Bolt-together aluminum tubing
Designed to withstand a 12 foot-per-second drop with no injury to the pilot or damage to the airframe. Spring torsion built into the frame causes it to flex like a Whitman landing gear on impact. Expensive fiberglass gear legs prone to damage from hard landings
Trampoline-style seat conforms to your body, helps prevent spinal injury in the event of a hard landing Varies; common seatbelt to 4-point system
5-point Hooker™ pilot restraint harness Varies; common seatbelt to 4-point system
Tennessee propellers (standard), Prince P-Tip or Airplast (optional).

Prince P-Tip propellers are 8% more efficient than most other props due to their vectored-thrust (curled) tips, allowing for a smaller disc diameter with the same amount of thrust.
Various brands
Smaller 400 sq. ft. "high lift" chute tailored to lighter (198 lbs.) empty weight — gives more maneuverability (500 sq. ft. optional for heavier weights) 500-550 sq. ft. common
20" & 24" Worksman Industrial cart wheels capable of 600 lbs. impact load — higher ground clearance, smoother on rough surfaces Small diameter wheels
Parachute: Performance Design Inc. (U.S.) "Barnstormer" — high lift/high efficiency Various brands

Powder coated frame
Knock apart, bolt together frame for easy shipping in a 4x4x5' container
7-speed bicycle gears
20-30 hour initial assembly
Converts to road use in 5 minutes
Knocks down to an 80 lb. bike or 104 lb. moped in 10 minutes
For ground handling, just flip the steering bar 180 degrees and pull the Para-Cycle like a "Little Red Wagon"
Standard 5-gallon tank is easily removed for trips to the gas station

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