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Select a topic below:
1. Do you have a dealer program?
2. What is the maximum weight your machine can handle?
3. Where do I get training?
4. Can I get a logo or artwork put on my chute?
5. How safe is it to fly a powered parachute?
6. What are the costs involved?
7. What maintenance is involved?
8. What are the wind limitations?
9. Can I get financing?
10. Can one person do this sport alone?
11. I live in an area where there is a big sporting field. Can I fly in and out of there?
12. Where can I go to see the Para-Cycle in action?
13. Can I buy separate components of the Para-Cycle?
14. Can I fly before I buy?
15. Do you have a two-seater?
16. How many have been built so far?
17. Does your unit contain a separate parachute system or a remote-launch chute deployment system in case the main chute fails?
18. I am 6'3", will I fit in the trike?
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