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Airdrome Aeroplanes www.airdromeaeroplanes.com
FAA Ultralight Regulations www.usua.com/faa103.htm
Powered Parachute Info
Powered Parachute Tipsdisc.server.com/Indices/3049.html
Powered Parachute Principals members.aol.com/pwrdchuter/howitfly.htm 
Ultralight FAQ www.staff.uiuc.edu/~grunloh/ulfaq.txt
Keith Philpott, Bicycle Photographer — E-mail: philpott@ns.unicom.net
Incident Data Basewww.erols.com/chatten/ppc_adb.htm
NOTE: There are some inherent risks involved in any machine that functions in a three dimensional environment. The fact is that Powered Parachutes enjoy the greatest reputation for being one of the safest aviation vehicles ever invented. To date there have been no accidents attributed to structural failures of any kind. Although the Para-Cycle has never injured anyone at all, there have been a variety of accidents throughout the history of powered parachutes in general over the last several years. The Incident Data Base is a fairly comprehensive list of incidents accidents that will hopefully help you the reader to possibly avoid a similar fate by being aware of other people's misfortunes that have gone before you.

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