Para-Cycle, Inc.
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Windermere, FL  34786-1906
Phone: (407) 877-7129
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Multi-purpose commuter vehicle (no-license-required ultralight/electric or gas-power moped/pedaled bike) Single-purpose
TIG welded 4130 Aircraft Steel airframe; smaller, easier to manage Bolt-together aluminum tubing
Designed to withstand a 12 foot-per-second drop with no injury to the pilot or damage to the airframe. Spring torsion built into the frame causes it to flex like a Whitman landing gear on impact. Expensive fiberglass gear legs prone to damage from hard landings
Trampoline-style seat conforms to your body, helps prevent spinal injury in the event of a hard landing Padded cushion mounted to hard surface
5-point Hooker™ pilot restraint harness Varies; common seatbelt to 4-point system
Tennessee propellers (standard), Prince P-Tip or Airplast (optional).

Prince P-Tip propellers are 8% more efficient than most other props due to their vectored-thrust (curled) tips, allowing for a smaller disc diameter with the same amount of thrust.
Various brands
Smaller 400 sq. ft. "high lift" chute tailored to lighter (198 lbs.) empty weight gives more maneuverability (500 sq. ft. optional for heavier weights) 500-550 sq. ft. common
20" & 24" Worksman Industrial cart wheels capable of 600 lbs. impact load  higher ground clearance, smoother on rough surfaces Small diameter wheels
Parachute: Performance Design Inc. (U.S.) "Barnstormer" high lift/high efficiency Various brands

  • Powder coated frame
  • Knock apart, bolt together frame for easy shipping in a 4x4x5' container
  • 7-speed bicycle gears
  • 20-30 hour initial assembly
  • Converts to road use in 5 minutes
  • Knocks down to an 80 lb. bike or 104 lb. moped in 10 minutes
  • For ground handling, just flip the steering bar 180 degrees and pull the Para-Cycle like a "Little Red Wagon"
  • Standard 5-gallon tank is easily removed for trips to the gas station

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