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Para-Cycle, Inc.
929 NW Road 1571
Holden, MO  64040
Phone: 816-230-8585

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Base price for the remainder of 1999: $9,470.00

Each EXT kit includes:
A fully powder-coated bike/airframe (your choice of normally-available colors)
All parts for a complete flying aircraft
All parts for a complete bike assembly
Custom-colored "Barnstormer" performance design ram-air parachute (400 sq. ft.)
2si 460f-40 h.p. two-cycle motor
Tennessee 49x39" wood propeller

Zzip Lexan windshield faring
Cylinder-head and exhaust-gas temperature gauges
Digifly Vario integrated altimeter/airspeed indicator
Delcom air band radios
Chute and line bags
Custom frame colors
Custom logo on chute
Barnstormer scalloped design on chute
Engine choices from 40-70 h.p.
Propellers: Prince P-tip vectored thrust, and Airplast quiet props
Exhaust intake silencer, expansion chamber silencer muffler
Gas-powered secondary engine (50cc) for moped mode

The Para-Cycle Lite  Features the same airframe as standard ETX model above, except the engine mount is welded to the bicycle frame, and no bicycle drive system for ground mode. $500.00 less.

The Para-Cycle Skyrocket  Same as the Para-Cycle Lite, but includes a more powerful 70 h.p. engine.

The following charges apply to all Para-Cycle models:

Shipping crate: $255.00
Shipping fees: call or e-mail for quote

Contact paracycle@para-cycle.com for ordering information. A 50% advance deposit is required on all orders. We accept cashier's checks, money orders, or wire transfers. Our delivery schedule is currently 60-90 days from date of order.
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