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Q:  Does your unit contain a separate parachute system or a remote-launch chute deployment system in case the main chute fails?
A:  The answer is no, it does not have the new BRS ballistic system you refer to, but it can for approximately $1,500.00 dollars and a couple of hours in adaptation time.

Our philosophy after flying our machines for about 150+ hours is that having a secondary system on a powered parachute like the Para-Cycle — with all of its flying systems and chute connections being redundantly designed for a 9,000 lb. test strength — is unnecessary.

We have flown in winds as high as 20-25 m.p.h. and have found these winds too extreme for comfortable flight. This is the only time we can ever foresee the need for a second chute. If you live in the mountains it might be a consideration due to the severe turbulence that can sometimes arise. If you fly in winds of 15 m.p.h. or less and do not try to intentionally collapse your chute by excessive pulling in of the control cables, you should never have to worry about a chute collapse, especially with our Performance Design chutes.

Lastly, 99.9% of all powered parachute incidents occur on takeoff or landing where a second chute would be fruitless. If, however, you feel better having one on your machine, we would be happy to provide it.
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