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Para-Cycle, Inc.
929 NW Road 1571
Holden, MO  64040
Phone: 816-230-8585

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Hello friends of Para-Cycle,

After being in business for a little over a year now, we are producing Para-Cycle kits to exacting standards from our expertly designed CNC jigs, and fixtures. We are even helping with the trade deficit with our recent delivery to Japan!

We recently returned from the EAA's Oshkosh air show where we won "Best of Type" in the Ultralight category. Our list of awards also includes; 1997 "Innovation" award at Oshkosh, 1998 "Editors Choice" nomination award from Bicycling Magazine, 1998 "Innovation" award at the Lakeland Sun N' Fun fly-in.

The production models incorporate some very useful features such as:
A 50CC Zenoa 2 cycle 2 hp. motor for the Moped power assist, or the upcoming "Smart Wheels" electric drive system — it weighs 24 Lbs. with batteries, puts out 1 H. P. and will go 20 M.P.H. for up to 20 miles! This is a bolt on conversion and retails for only $700.00
Removable front half for easier storage (will easily fit inside a 4x4x5 space)
Easier engine removal
Wider (58") rear wheel track
Lower profile
Round prop cage
New R&D Aerosports expansion chamber/ silencer muffler
An intake silencer on the carburetor

Yes, It has been a year of tremendous progress for the Para-Cycle. We believe it is indeed the "Best of Type" as did the judges in Oshkosh. We are trying to keep the prices reasonable as long as is possible so we can get our aircraft/bikes on the market. When you compare the tremendous amount of engineering, technology, and value you get in a machine that is smaller, easier to deal with, more nimble, and just plain cooler, it makes sense to give Para-Cycle a closer look! Thank you for your interest. Let us know if we can help you acquire the world's first flying bike/moped!

Orville Lee Floyd III
Para-Cycle Inc.
(407) 522-4476

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