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Climb, cruise and
decent speed
26 MPH
Glide Ratio 4/1
Range 50 miles
Endurance 2 hours
Rate of climb 500 fpm with 180 lb. pilot
Maximum pilot weight
with standard
40 H.P. 2si motor
250 lbs.
Maximum pilot weight
with optional 50 H.P. +
500 sq. ft. chute
350 lbs.
Service ceiling 10,000 feet
Take off run 50 - 150 feet
depending on wind
Landing Roll 10 to 25 feet

Parachute 400 SQ. FT. — A new design, high-performance parachute from PERFORMANCE DESIGN, Inc., engineered specifically for this new category of light weight aircraft
Engine Manufactured by 2SI ("Two Stroke International");
Standard: Two cylinder, two stroke, single Bing carburetor, CDI ignition, 40 H.P., gear reduction: 2.04/1, MODEL NUMBER: 460-F-40
Optional: 2si 460L-46 46 H.P. liquid cooled; 460L-50 50 H.P.; 540L-70 70 H.P.; all other engines on the market up to 70 H.P. (contact Para-Cycle for current quotes)
Propeller Standard: Tennessee Propellers 49"X 39" pitch
Optional: Prince Aircraft Co. "P" tip vectored thrust 49" X 39" pitch
Fuel 5 gal. portable Polypropylene translucent fuel tank
Bicycle Three wheel recumbent (semi-reclined)
TIG Welded 4130 Chromoly aircraft steel tubing
"Stressed-Tension" frame — spring loaded resiliency
Bungee suspended Trampoline style seat — the ultimate in comfort and safety
Ergonomically located control systems
5-point Hooker aerobatic harness — for complete pilot security (standard)
"Industrial strength" spoke wheels — rated for 600 lbs. impact loads each
7-speed bicycle shift mechanism
Aircraft: 198 lbs.
Bicycle: 80 lbs.
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